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11:48pm 04/04/2007
mood: cold
Angel: wings
Bitch: elizabeth wurtzel
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EGL Tea Party and Panel at Bakuretsu Con in VT 
03:33am 14/10/2006
  I'm going to be running both the EGL Tea Party and Panel at Bakuretsu Con in Colchester VT. The Tea Party is $11 for those who pre-reg and 15 for those who sign up at the convention. More information can be found out at http://www.bakuretsucon.org/ if you wish to attend.

Also, I'm running the EGL panel at the convention and being, for the most part, a newbie to EGL, i was wondering if anyone on here would be willing to help me prep a half hour panel or give me ideas on topics to cover/resources I can use aside from this community and it's memmory files. I know that there was an EGL panel at Otakon if anyone can tell me how that went I'd like to know as I didn't get a chance to go to it.


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05:51pm 28/09/2006
mood: cheerful
~*~First thing that pops into my head when I see the word _____~*~

High Heel:uncoordinated
Monsters:fred savage
Prostitute:fire escape
Sex:for the better

Name:Jane Lee
Birth date:3/2/87
Zodiac Sign:pisces
Location:Taylor, Michigan
Sexual Preference:Bisexual
Describe your personality:I'm told I'm dark but cheerful. An odd mix I'm sure, but it seems to suit me just fine.
do you have a bf/gf?:no
worst fear:brain cancer
Pets you own [& names]: none right now
Things you Collect:icons and pictures of anna paquin

Top 5 Fav Bands –Epica, Voltaire, Sonata Arctica, Rasputina, Horrorpops
Song that you most relate with – Tallulah and sing in silence by sonata arctica
Most Artistically Inspiring Song – Hurricanes and Butterflies by Muse

Classic Movie: Secretary
Horror Movie: Nosferatu
Animated Movie:Brave little toaster
Cult Movie:Secretary, but if I can't repeat then Hackers
Movie from the Last 5 Years:gone in sixty seconds
Favorite Author:L.J. Smith
Favorite Poet: keroac
Favorite Comic:gen 13 but those bastards discontinued it. So now it's a toss between xmen unlimited and lady death
Fave ice cream: pumpkin
Favorite Cartoon Character: Utena from Revelutionary girl Utena
Favorite Animal:bear
Favorite Magazine:Jane
Favorite Drink [Nonalcoholic] – Soda, vanilla coke specifically
[Alcoholic] – tequila sunrise

What languages do you know?French, English and Japanese
What do you want as your occupation? I want to be the curator for the brittish museum.
Favorite Hobbies? drawing, reading, writing, anything artsy. I sew a lot.
Where do you shop? thrift stores mostly and jo-ann. I make a lot of my own clothes.
Colors you’ve dyed your hair: all colors of the rainbow, blonde, black, auburn, etc.

Photo goes here:
this is my favorite photo of myself:
because I look like an ass. And we cannot be great without recognizing our faults....and how!!

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lace garter belt ending in 50 minutes 
05:56pm 18/06/2006
  pink lace   Ending in 50 minutes    Only one bid has been place so far so its still cheap.

This item is new/never been worn.  Click the link above if youre interested.

Also ending soon :
garter belt with matching thong -3 pack  ending on june 20th

black rose ribbon garter  ending on june 21st

THANKS!  happy bidding :)

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07:15pm 19/01/2006
mood: nostalgic
Name: twiggum
Birth date: july 19th, 1990
Age: 15
Zodiac Sign: cancer(im contagious)
Location: la, cali
Sexual Preference: a little bit of everything
Describe your personality: quiet, insightful
do you have a bf/gf?: yesh. a bf. :#>
heritage: irish
worst fear: pain :<
Pets you own [& names]: nellomotte!(it means glass moth in latin!)my kitty
Things you Collect: hmmm...make up!

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Reviews and stuff 
12:52pm 19/10/2005
mood: anxious
my review along with my writing

  • http://www.davidkilpatrick.com/Megan_Page.htm

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    first writing review 
    01:03am 08/10/2005
    mood: ecstatic

    review by David Kilpatrick, author {www.davidkilpatrick.com}

    Eighteen with a bullet. We've all been there. Bouncing on the bridge between our past and the rest of our lives, hoping the ropes don't break but praying they will.

    I guess that sums up what it means to be young and free and caught in that netherworld. When I first read Megan's work, the angst and tumult of being young just sang through. She has a knack for capturing the essense of her reality and putting it on paper. She creates snapshots of her world and jams them into our heads like a demented girl scout pounding a tent stake with a ten-pound sledge hammer.

    She hails from Maryland and sometimes from Dallas...I'm really not sure where she is now. A literary phantom.

    So dive headfirst off the spit-covered stage of your existence and enter Megan's world. For just awhile.

    Warning: Adult content. Sissy boys and rah rah girls not allowed.

    I'll post the link to my review and writing segment of the page when it's finished.

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    A Quote Worth Thinking About 
    11:24pm 20/09/2005
    For better or worse, American culture places a lot of value on sex - a lot. But if sexual expertise is expected of adults, the rudiments need to be taught to children. If educators want to be credible about sexual responsibility, they have to be forthright about sexual joy. If parents want their kids to be happy now and later, it is their duty, and should be their delight, to help them learn to love well, which is to say respectfully of others and themselves, skillfully in body and heart, morally as lovers, friends, and citizens.

    For our part, adults owe children not only protection and a schooling in safety but also the entitlement to pleasure.
    From Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children from Sex, by Judith Levine.

    I think she said it as well as anyone could have. The book is well worth reading.

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    03:33pm 24/08/2005
      The days wither, but love doesn't. It grows stronger and then it dies. Pain is a curious thing as it spawns from fear, a fear of loss, of rejection, abandonment. These things cut a person dangerously deep, dragging them downward, scarring their personality. The sun dances with the shade along the fibers of carpet, entrancing me - I have a desire to play in it but yet something witholds me from joining the sun in it's dancing rays, maybe it's the pills, or maybe it's a fear of not dancing well enough, I just keep staring.
    Like a cat - I observe, observe my surroundings, the people I associate with - and those I don't. I find them interesting, in their own subtle ways, I don't hear them speak though I always see them move; whether it be their fingers tapping irritated on the wood of a table, their eyes widen in suprise, or the anticipation that consumes them as they pace the deadend hallways; always waiting, always watching for what lingers in their range of vision.

    What is it about a stain - no matter how small - that consumes the beauty it surrounds. It wrecks it's perfected image and no matter how hard you try - you can't ignore the object that it's tainted. What happens when something stains the foundation of you as a person? What happens when it's become exhausted from the bleachings, the purgings, the replacements, because no matter how you try to cover it up, it's always there, theres always a trace. Lingering like death, and death is a cigarette, as we all leave our ashes behind to be stolen in the wind of tomorrow.
    My mother is amazing, she's far from perfect, but she tries so hard. All the years I took for granted the love she gave me without a price tag. I regret that now. Though I never could see it before, she's really a strong woman. Behind the appearances, lies a woman who survived the rough tides of an engulfing water. I admire her - and through the harsh words that I spat at her, I would give anything to have half the strength as my mother.

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    06:04pm 26/07/2005
    Models Needed...

    Looking for people in or near the Tampa area for photography oppurtunities.

    *Females mostly (although I do need some males for some pictures)
    *Late teens to mid early 30's
    *A picture of the person applying

    Pay can be discussed when we actually talk. Anyone intertested, email me at absintheXgiggles@aol.com or comment in my journal. Thanks.


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    new poem 
    06:42pm 25/07/2005
    mood: accomplished
    One by one, the days are slowly blistered.
    My ears are flooding the cries of a thousand screams.
    I’m left walking the cold pavement with no shoes on and my feet are not calloused and cut up. I’m breaking things with my love and slowly everything falls from my fingers as ash falling from corpses burned.
    I’ve become cancer with style,
    I’ve perfected the art of corruption without purpose.
    I’m cursed with a stubborn smile,
    A smile that’s stone cold, letting through my hurt less

    I’m waiting for God’s brilliant detox,
    My important lesson, waiting learned
    Though all I find are keys to broken locks,
    And a voice, that echoes ‘it’s your turn’.

    Reality is twisted. I’m sinking deep.
    I’m taking all the wrong turns,
    Opposite down a one-way street.
    The clouds deceived me:
    They were solid and quickly cracking,
    When all I’ve known is suddenly fleeting,
    I’m found alone, love still lacking.

    The fun house mirrors are proving true.
    I’m warped and bending, borrowed and fending.
    I search the frostbitten windows for wasted love.
    My teardrops a strewn,
    Upon scattered leaves, I search to find them.
    I’m running with my eyes tight and closed,
    I’m feeling numb from head to toes,
    To find that all those beautiful rainbows
    Are really ugly and never-ending.
    My rib is striking, the body’s venom.
    I’m living, justifies all I’m found ignoring.
    Denial seals my pride:
    The sin said to be most deadly,
    The stitches ripped, they’ve come undone,
    A pain that’s deep, spreads ever so steady.

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    Inner Universe by Origa 
    04:55pm 12/07/2005
      Really pretty song...


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    New poem I wrote 
    07:12pm 09/07/2005
      The Girl with Too Many Hearts

    The girl with too many hearts hands out love like candy,
    Instinctively, she walks without direction:
    A prisoner in a blindfold,
    Seeking absolution.

    She has an addiction,
    Though not to a drug,
    But instead to love.

    When the flame of passion roars dull and cool,
    Her feelings extinguish
    To seek her shiny new jewel:
    One that will spark her heart’s igniter.
    She is in love with love,
    Yet remains a fighter.
    While her heart belongs to you,
    Be sure there is another,
    A heart ready and new,
    Upon the production line.
    She’s found herself a brand new lover,
    Stuck on repeat: A moment in time.

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    05:48pm 04/07/2005
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    Finished Advertisements! 
    06:48pm 07/06/2005
    mood: pensive
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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    10:50pm 29/05/2005
    mood: creative
    I don't dare post any of my "proper" things just yet, they aren't quite ready to be torn apart :)
    Here's a few ideas I've tossed around.

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    That's all, folks.

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    Lolita Fans 
    10:06am 21/05/2005
    mood: bouncy
    Has anyone seen the original Kubrick movie lolita? I've only seen the recent one. I'm curious to know which is better.

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    Bits and Pieces of my Recent Writing. 
    11:59pm 13/04/2005
    mood: Clean
    On stale mornings, the blasphemy of your eyes captures the instability of words that writhe out of my stain-smudged napkins, hidden within the dim-smoked glaze of a lamp light decorated on the walls of the cold corner cafe.
    Only a single star spies on me at a bird's eye view. My cigarette's firey cherry is the only light that's bright shine could possibly compare in the oil-stained sky of mud and rainwater. I picture God opening a god-sized lipstick cap and dragging a long red makeup smear across the dirty air as a contrast. I sip and slurp a milky mixture of ice cream, strawberry and banana. I'm a pillowhead pajama girl, and boy do I wish I had a cigarette right now, I want the scratch of nicotine against the surface of my lung.
    The stars twitch and tremble like kids with terret syndrome enacting a seizure.
    The trees reach out to grab my face and I shrink low to the ground. I'm crawling up the pavement of the charcoal painted roadway like a lizard up a brick wall.
    And the lights that light up the red glowing hand sign over the pedestrian crosswalk closely resembles that child-game "Brite Lite" thing.
    All the street lights wink yellow at me making me aware that the norm is still in hiding.
    The street lamplights reflect off the night sky revealing the promiscuous clouds that hang low, and I conclude that everyone was right about my head always being high up in the clouds.

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    From the book, "Crank" 
    04:52am 08/04/2005
    mood: hungry
    Selection of sorta...non-rhyming poetry by Ellen Hopkins.

    This one is called Elevation
    Oh, but a whole lot more. They say people who die from ecstasy die from overheating.
    Adding speed to the mix accelerates the process because it makes you want to dance until the sun comes up.
    The music made me dance. It entered my brain, firing spark plugs and pistons. It revved me to my feet.
    The crank was jet fuel, pumping through my veins, propulsion. I shifted into overdrive, motor heating steadily.
    I danced with guys, I danced with girls, hotter, closer, melting together like candles in a south-facing window.
    Our dance was primitive, beautiful, waves at high tide. Our dance was sensual, sexual, and yet somehow innocent.
    Spent calories orbited, raising temperatures. Some drank alcohol. The wise drank water. It tasted as good as champagne.
    And then somehow the subject of my birthday came up. Word spread and the mood elevated beyond celebratory.
    Gifted with kisses. Tender. Probing. Inviting. Feminine. Masculine. One emptying into the next, eddies in the swollen river.
    I kept my eyes closed, absorbing sensation until it screamed for release. So the part that came next seemed very right.

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    09:44pm 24/03/2005

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