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~*~First thing that pops into my head when I see the word _____~*~

Angel: Black wings, fallen from grace.
Bitch: Confusion with honesty
Candy: My biggest food group
Cat: Grace, wisdom, beauty... my kittie, Fiona. ^-^
Cigarette: Yes, please... I've been dying for one lately.
Drugs: To be used in regulation
Empty: --Headed
Fairy: Escape to a dream land
Garbage: Glamour trash
Hair: Messy, wild, sex hair ^-^
High Heel: Pure glamour, dahling.
Hippie: My parents... O.o
Imaginary: A perfect world of happiness, love, darkness, glamour and beauty.
Insanity: Walking through a crowded room.
Invisible: The fact that I am a nice person, in the minds of teenage idiots. -_-
Lips: Seductive pout.
Lollipop: Delicioux ^-^
Makeup: More than an object; an addiction. :)
Monsters: Most people at Desert Vista Highschool.
Naked: Natural, sensual beauty.
Needle: Prick me.
Prostitute: If porn is legal, prostitution shouldbe too... [so long as they are STD-tested, monthly, like they do in Europe.]
Queen: Bow down to me. ;)
Scar: Each tells a story
Sex: Wild, passionate, sensual expression of love.
Sock: Knee-sock. School girl. ^-^
Spit: Only good for eating, and swapping with a lovely signifigant other. ;)
Straw: Milkshake.
Sunglasses: The bigger the better, worn on a daily basis.
Zodiac: Fascinates me. [I am an Aquarius air sign, and a Snake Chinese sign.]

Name: Katja
Birth date: 1.23.1989
Age: 16
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Location: Phoenix, Arizona. [Originally from Gießen, Germany.]
Sexual Preference: Straight with a curve.
Describe your personality: I'm a German girl who is currently stuck in Uptight-Bitch-Capitol-of-the-World, AZ. I am intolerant, but unlike the girlies I go to school with, I don't confuse honesty with "being a bitch". "Treat everyone the way YOU want to be treated" is my motto, to an extent. I will treat people as well as they treat me, and I am normally a very nice girl. ^_^ I'm not traumitized or neglected, but ever since I was about 10, I've grown very fast emotionally, and have been lucky enough to figure out who I am.
do you have a bf/gf?: No.
heritage: German.
worst fear: Samara from "The Ring" [haha], and never finding a single person who I truly care about.
Pets you own [& names]: 3 Cats; Fiona, Chemise, & Tom; and 1 Dog; Haylie.
Things you Collect: Purses, make-up, jewlry, HELLO KITTY THINGS, candles, and lotion.

Top 5 Fav Bands – HIM, Marilyn Manson, Fiona Apple, Hole, Lacuna Coil, My Dying Bride.
Song that you most relate with – "Sullen Girl" by Fiona Apple.
Most Artistically Inspiring Song – "October" by Evanescence.

Classic Movie: Nosferatu.
Horror Movie: Nosferatu.
Animated Movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas.
Cult Movie: Thirteen.
Movie from the Last 5 Years: Gia.
Favorite Author: Anne Rice.
Favorite Poet: Edgar Allen Poe.
Favorite Comic: I don't watch comedy much, hah, so no idea. My brother, I guess.
Fave ice cream: Raspberry cream popsicles.
Favorite Cartoon Character: Jack Skellington.
Favorite Animal: Cat and Raven.
Favorite Magazine: Vogue.
Favorite Drink [Nonalcoholic] – Mt. Dew Code Red.
[Alcoholic] – Cherry koolaid and Smirnoff Vodka, mixed together. AND Strawberry Daqueri.

What languages do you know? : English and German.
What do you want as your occupation?: Runway model! :)
Favorite Hobbies?: Writing stories, trying new things with make-up, and staying up late with friends.
Where do you shop?: Victoria's Secret, Target, Rampage, but mostly online stores. I would like to be able to afford nicer things though. -_-
Colors you’ve dyed your hair: Black, orangy-yellow, brown, blonde.

Photo goes here:

Must love loads of make-up. :p

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