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new poem

One by one, the days are slowly blistered.
My ears are flooding the cries of a thousand screams.
I’m left walking the cold pavement with no shoes on and my feet are not calloused and cut up. I’m breaking things with my love and slowly everything falls from my fingers as ash falling from corpses burned.
I’ve become cancer with style,
I’ve perfected the art of corruption without purpose.
I’m cursed with a stubborn smile,
A smile that’s stone cold, letting through my hurt less

I’m waiting for God’s brilliant detox,
My important lesson, waiting learned
Though all I find are keys to broken locks,
And a voice, that echoes ‘it’s your turn’.

Reality is twisted. I’m sinking deep.
I’m taking all the wrong turns,
Opposite down a one-way street.
The clouds deceived me:
They were solid and quickly cracking,
When all I’ve known is suddenly fleeting,
I’m found alone, love still lacking.

The fun house mirrors are proving true.
I’m warped and bending, borrowed and fending.
I search the frostbitten windows for wasted love.
My teardrops a strewn,
Upon scattered leaves, I search to find them.
I’m running with my eyes tight and closed,
I’m feeling numb from head to toes,
To find that all those beautiful rainbows
Are really ugly and never-ending.
My rib is striking, the body’s venom.
I’m living, justifies all I’m found ignoring.
Denial seals my pride:
The sin said to be most deadly,
The stitches ripped, they’ve come undone,
A pain that’s deep, spreads ever so steady.
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