Scott (tienteaser) wrote in laced_loli,

A Quote Worth Thinking About

For better or worse, American culture places a lot of value on sex - a lot. But if sexual expertise is expected of adults, the rudiments need to be taught to children. If educators want to be credible about sexual responsibility, they have to be forthright about sexual joy. If parents want their kids to be happy now and later, it is their duty, and should be their delight, to help them learn to love well, which is to say respectfully of others and themselves, skillfully in body and heart, morally as lovers, friends, and citizens.

For our part, adults owe children not only protection and a schooling in safety but also the entitlement to pleasure.
From Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children from Sex, by Judith Levine.

I think she said it as well as anyone could have. The book is well worth reading.
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