Yenni (yennidaklutz) wrote in laced_loli,

EGL Tea Party and Panel at Bakuretsu Con in VT

I'm going to be running both the EGL Tea Party and Panel at Bakuretsu Con in Colchester VT. The Tea Party is $11 for those who pre-reg and 15 for those who sign up at the convention. More information can be found out at if you wish to attend.

Also, I'm running the EGL panel at the convention and being, for the most part, a newbie to EGL, i was wondering if anyone on here would be willing to help me prep a half hour panel or give me ideas on topics to cover/resources I can use aside from this community and it's memmory files. I know that there was an EGL panel at Otakon if anyone can tell me how that went I'd like to know as I didn't get a chance to go to it.

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