Madders (absinthe_giggle) wrote in laced_loli,

~*~First thing that pops into my head when I see the word _____~*~

Angel:Don't exist
Bitch:Seem to always invade my life
Cat:Buu, my kitty
Cigarette:I want one
Empty:Gas Tank
Fairy:Long-lasting memory
Garbage:Pretty good girl band
Hair:Dread Falls
High Heel:Megaplatforms
Insanity:My Life
Invisible:What I'd like to be
Lips:Rocky Horror Picture Show
Monsters:Under the bed
Naked:Is the life
Prostitute:Jack the Ripper
Queen:Awesome band
Sex:XX Chromosome
Straw:*Drawing a blank*
Zodiac:Killer *feels sorry*

Name: Madders
Birth date: 01/01/1989
Age: 16
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Location: Florida
Sexual Preference: pansexual (meaning I love whoever I fall for despite anything!)
Describe your personality: I'm a goth-loli chick who likes almost anything you give me...hehe
do you have a bf/gf?: Nope and I'm pretty content with it.
heritage: "European" - basically, I'm a mutt.
worst fear: Waking up to no eyeliner
Pets you own [& names]: Kitty (Buu) and Dog (Kasha)
Things you Collect: Absinthe bottles and livejournals

Top 5 Fav Bands –Dinosaur Jr., Poster Children, AFI, Funkervogt, Mars Volta
Song that you most relate with –"Miranda That Ghost Just Isn't Holy Anymore" by the Mars Volta
Most Artistically Inspiring Song – "I'm Insane" by Dinosaur Jr.

Classic Movie: The Labyrinth (I made it a classic)
Horror Movie: I really don't know
Animated Movie: Grave of the Fireflies
Cult Movie: Rocky Horror Picture Show
Movie from the Last 5 Years: Moulin Rouge
Favorite Author: Zadie Smith
Favorite Poet: Sylvia Plath
Favorite Comic: Nick Swardson
Fave ice cream: Mint Chocolate Chip
Favorite Cartoon Character: Miwako from "Paradise Kiss"
Favorite Animal: Snakes *I'm sorry, I like them*
Favorite Magazine: Gothic Beauty
Favorite Drink [Nonalcoholic] – Milk
[Alcoholic] – Absinthe!

What languages do you know? English, Spanish, German
What do you want as your occupation? Musician
Favorite Hobbies? Singing and writing music, livejournal, reading, walking in the rain, raving
Where do you shop? Thrift stores and boutiques, online shops
Colors you’ve dyed your hair: Everything in the rainbow and all that's natural

Photo goes here:
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(Sorry for the older picture *blushes* I'll post better ones later.)
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